Reviews for "Chronicles of the Slayer"

Great Fun!

I had a total blast playing this! Keep it up!

ChromeShark responds:


iwould like more

buti read he other reviews and ur comment so im not expecting it

ChromeShark responds:

See my updated comment ; )

Needs weapon choosing screen.

It's a bit hard, and doesn't seem like its based on the show. It needs briefing videos, you need to be able to choose weapons from Gile's closet, and the graphics, although they're not bad, are kinda lame. I would love to see a sequel.

ChromeShark responds:

Hi, thanks for you comments and the 10. I'm pleased to say that I've released a new version of Chronicles of the Slayer with better graphics, easier controls and many other minor improvements.

You can already play it on ChromePlay.com and its coming to Newgrounds soon.


i liked it.

awsome game ever love ittttt