Reviews for "Chronicles of the Slayer"

well i liked it!

yeah we rule!!

Ow, my fingers.

Well, after playing this game, a sharp pain has gone through all of my fingers. The button tapping was crazy.

Overall, though, this game was pretty good and I liked it. Didn't manage to beat it yet - got to the hellmouth - but the time I played was still enjoyable.

I'm still more of an Angel fan. Never was too fond of Buffy. x)

Superb job nonetheless.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the good review.

I'm much more of an Angel fan too. I just though this would be more popular as more people know Buffy, and I think Mutant Enemy likes it more. Maybe I'll do an Angel game in the future, I'd love to make an Illyria based gane with time shifting.

Kickass game!

I thought everything about this was great the artwork, shading, controls, story, music. EVERYTHING!

What i really like about this is how it actually takes streategy and not just rapidly pressing buttons because you really need those strong attacks if your ever gonna kill a zombie.

ahh, this really captures the imagination and puts you in the zone. awesome work on this. 5/5!

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the review!

Sometimes I wonder if this might have done better if it had a simpler button bashing system.

A sequel is still on the cards, got a couple of other projects to do first though.

when u get to the hell mouth a it wont let u in

after u press the button to open the hell mouth it wont let u in

ChromeShark responds:

I'm not aware of that problem. In the 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' level to activate the second button you need to get a vamp to stand on the button so you can get past the gate. If it is a bug, try restarting the game and entering the password for that level (Dennis).

Thanks for the 10s.

Now thats cool

thats a really good vampire game nice job! add guns next time that would be the best.

ChromeShark responds:

They don't really use guns in Buffy, but thanks for the good review.