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Reviews for "Chronicles of the Slayer"

yay buffy!!!!

i really like buffy so... but you gotta get better graphics

HEy nice job

Great game and idea......I like the charcters & also at first i was kinda like huh............. but after i finished the tutorial i had alot of fun...keep up the good work!!!!!!!

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the review!

im not that big a fan of buffy.

but i ike this. seeing this on the preview thing on ng mag i was a bit skeptical but now i have to say this game is fun. nice work.

ChromeShark responds:

I tried really hard to make this appeal to anyone, whilst still keeping enough show references to make it a game for the fans. I'm pleased to hear a non-fan like it. Thanks.


I enjoyed it.

However...glitch alert. Level 10, I died by getting ahead of myself and falling into the pit...and I couldn't restart. I tried going to the main menu and entering password "Dennis" and it killed me instantly, and I couldn't try again. Something to look into.

With that said, it was still a lot of fun, creative, original. Keep it up!

ChromeShark responds:


I'll look into that glitch. Thanks for the good review.

well i liked it!

yeah we rule!!