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Reviews for "Chronicles of the Slayer"

Good Game...!!

very well put together little game....it took me a lil bit how to run the game but after that good game...
1. the graphics were awsome.
2. the sound was good and was from the series methinks
3. the style was awsome....(were ish Oz. i know he is not till later but i love werewolfs..^_^)
4. the violence very well placed..
5. the same goes for 4
6 not supposed to be funny
good game make more with oz...
you have been judged and found worthy

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks a lot for the good review. Glad you liked the graphics, not everyone has got them. The sound was from Angel, for some reason it worked better than the Buffy music. I really like Oz too, hence his inclusion as a secret character. Can't say yet whether there'll be a sequel with him playable, but I hear that Mutant Enemy has an Oz based movie planned. Thanks again.

Hehe, not bad!

That was a pretty good game man, the show rules. IF you're going to make a sequel please use the season 6/7 storylines featuring the 'Trio' and Willow going evil? Those were my favorite parts.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks a lot! I prefer earlier Buffy myself, but I'd love to be able to have a more powerful Willow if there was to be a sequel (I was pushing it a bit here, seeing as Willow didn't actually use lighting until late season 5, but it could fit in).

Very fun game I must say

Although I wish this had a shop system and rpg elements as well :). Great game thougn nonetheless. You did a good job on the make of this game. The music, gameplay, and overall atomsphere of the game was well thought and out and executed. I always love a good game and game for that matter that has a tutorial in the beginning to give players a since of mastery towards the game. So I appreciate that as well. Great job and you have my credit. 2 thumbz up d('.'d)

Stick some rpg elements and shop system in this bad boy next time :)

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks a lot!

Like I said in another review I won't be making a follow-up just yet (especially as this didn't do as well as I might have hoped). But I do have some ideas for it, it'd be much less linear and I could easily incorporate an RPG element. Thanks for the suggestions.


Has great potential just the graphics were not that good. The game was too blocky. Also i has a problem killing the vampires. Can you only kill them with the stake? If so then what was the point in making all the other objects.

ChromeShark responds:

You weaken them with weapons then stake them when the health is low. Also 3 of the weapons can do heavy attacks which can dust them, its mentioned in the tutorial but some people find them hard to do so I didn't put too much focus on them.

fun game

liked it a lot, mabe make another one based of another entertainment thing with more combos and weapons

ChromeShark responds:

Maybe one day, I've got a lot of ideas for a follow-up but I've got some other very different projects I'll be taking care of first. Thanks for the review.