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Reviews for "Chronicles of the Slayer"

Ow, my fingers.

Well, after playing this game, a sharp pain has gone through all of my fingers. The button tapping was crazy.

Overall, though, this game was pretty good and I liked it. Didn't manage to beat it yet - got to the hellmouth - but the time I played was still enjoyable.

I'm still more of an Angel fan. Never was too fond of Buffy. x)

Superb job nonetheless.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the good review.

I'm much more of an Angel fan too. I just though this would be more popular as more people know Buffy, and I think Mutant Enemy likes it more. Maybe I'll do an Angel game in the future, I'd love to make an Illyria based gane with time shifting.


I loooooved it ^^

I love that it was easy and fun killing the vampires, and the final boss, I died a few times but I made it! and I did not use any of the walkthrough (because I just wanted to play) and I did not read the other reviews before after finishing. I really love games where you have to think a bit ^^
If one just tries a little while it's not hard to see the pather.
Cool that it wasn't just buffy we got to kill with, it would be much better if we got to use Spike too.. But it was great!
The song at the final boss, Pain, really help'd a lot ^^ Love that song.

Keep Making these!

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the review, you rock. Great music taste too ;)

Thanks god that somebody managed the final boss, I was starting to think I'd done him too hard. I couldn't think of a way to get Spike playable in the main game, I promise he'll be in the sequel if I ever do one.


This is a really good game, quite hard to master but good nonetheless. there's even a tiny bit of story to it. Good job!!

ChromeShark responds:



do you like the preschool 'little people'? the characters kind of remind me of them, only Buffyized. Need a little more contrast with the graphics, it was kind of hard to tell where the chasm actually was. But overall the Game was good, but the end demon was too hard to beat... I kept hitting him and hitting him and the red line was like gone, but he just wouldn't die. But otherwise pretty cool... keep making games.

ChromeShark responds:


Thanks for the review! I hadn't noticed the similarity with 'little people', I thought they wree kind of like lego people. I don't really think the end boss is that hard, not once you get the hang of it. I'll definitely make more games, thanks ;)


It's all like...repetative, badly animated and non-dynamic. I don't like repeatedly bashing my keyboard just to kill someone so the other one can come and do bash my keyboard again. And besides, after the tutorial, i wasn't able to kill the vampire because of some unknown bug. He lost all his energy and I kept knifing him with various weapons for almost a minute but he didn't wanted to die. So, that's about it for the criticism.

Nice style and music though. But you can also work on fx sounds too. Maybe add some more different sounds which would be played randomly on every new attack.

Overally, keep doing stuff ;)

ChromeShark responds:

You gotta stake the vamps to kill em. And it's not that repetitive because as well as the Buffy fighting there's some bits where you fight with the crossbow and magic, plus a few puzzle elements. But thanks for the good stuff you said.