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Reviews for "Chronicles of the Slayer"

Anything Buffy/Angel = amazing in my books.

Amazing, I loved it. I think the fighting system was a little.. meh for me, getting those quick combo's were kinda tricky, especially buliding up long ones. So I mainly resorted to just button mashing :p. I too only played up to the highschool, and outside of the dry dialogue - trying not to be too critical here, thinking of good lines for this kinda stuff has got to be difficult! But other than that. the only real issue was the moment where Buffy was protecting Spike. If this was sometime between the end of season four and the beggining of season five than I don't think Buffy would have really taken him to Giles and worried that he almost died.. Outside of that I would have to say this is one very cool game!

ChromeShark responds:

You could be right about Spike. The idea was that Buffy thought he was linked to the demons, but we cut a scene just before Buffy finds him, so I guess it didn't make total sense without it. I couldn't do a Buffy game without Spike though ;)

Thanks for the review!

I love this!!!!

I love this game, a lite hard, but it's rocks, i love btvs so tis is one of the best games i played!:D, you actually inspirated me too make a own buffy game, but i ain't finished, and how can i get shockwave? keep the good work up:P

ChromeShark responds:

Hey, thanks for the review, glad you liked it.

For shockwave I think you need to use Macromedia Director. It's something I need to learn too, as it's a requirement for my uni. Too bad Newgrounds don't accept Shockwave games (yet).


you made a game too! HUZAAH!!!

ChromeShark responds:

Do I know you or something?

Well thanks for the 10 :)

Kickass game!

I thought everything about this was great the artwork, shading, controls, story, music. EVERYTHING!

What i really like about this is how it actually takes streategy and not just rapidly pressing buttons because you really need those strong attacks if your ever gonna kill a zombie.

ahh, this really captures the imagination and puts you in the zone. awesome work on this. 5/5!

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the review!

Sometimes I wonder if this might have done better if it had a simpler button bashing system.

A sequel is still on the cards, got a couple of other projects to do first though.

pretty nice

it was prety good. you have to press the buttons way to fast. It was alright

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the 10.