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Reviews for "Chronicles of the Slayer"

(( FUN GAME ))

I liked this, infact i played it a few times, it has a neat feel to it and just was an overall fun game, wish it wasnt so large in file but for the mostpart i was ok with it, anyways nice game keep making more...

Lower the file if you can...

Fun game, makes you want play it over and over hehe...


ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for your review. I don't think the file is particularly large myself, if you consider the amount of music and imported graphics (the backgrounds). I see a lot of games topping 7mb these days, with internet speeds growing at the rate they are 3.5mb shouldn't take to long to load for most players.


loved it, nice game based off another prop

ChromeShark responds:


Great game!

I don't know what it is about this game, but i hardly made myself turn it off. It's very addictive and very cute, and it's BUFFY! So i like it X)

ChromeShark responds:


Great Fun!

I had a total blast playing this! Keep it up!

ChromeShark responds:


when u get to the hell mouth a it wont let u in

after u press the button to open the hell mouth it wont let u in

ChromeShark responds:

I'm not aware of that problem. In the 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' level to activate the second button you need to get a vamp to stand on the button so you can get past the gate. If it is a bug, try restarting the game and entering the password for that level (Dennis).

Thanks for the 10s.