Reviews for "weebl and bob - gothic"

poor bob

lol gothic clown =D

Apparently spelling isn't your thing either,racist

Weebl & Bob are great.
Keep submitting stuff like this, it's great.
I like pie also too.

Wau | OWNAGE=100%

I can't believe I still did not reviewed this...I've seen it when it got a 1st place, and that made me fan of weebles and bob's.

I love all w&b (especially paper), and, awesome, what to say. Funny, even the "This is an advert" outro.

Ten / ten, Five/ five.


His Dark Majesty Bob

I am depressed about not having pie...and i love the song at the start hehe

Don't Bee a Knobhead (8)

That parody was awesome. Also the goth club music made me Lol. It sounds like me first thing in the morning when I have to leave the house to catch a bus. Errrrrrgh.