Reviews for "weebl and bob - gothic"

Bob Lord of the Dark Things

This is an advert for our lovely toys, dont be an knob head, come an av a look at our toys. lol loved the advert song and the epesode was brilliant too


remix-ish of goldigger almost better than the real song!

i came.

thanks for this episode. it was so epic, you have no idea.

I loved this episode so much.

The song that was in this episode was really catchy and it was cute seeing Weebl singing it all happy-go-lucky like and i also got a kick of Bob looking all gothic cause he didn't get any pie,this is one of the funniest episodes of Weebl & Bob i've seen also the promotion to buy toys at the end was neat too.

and sometimes weebl's friend his dark majesty bob

Because I'm depressed aboutr not having pie..... nice