Reviews for "weebl and bob - gothic"

pretty good but not your best work.

i am offended. i am a goth and i find this completely....no im just shitting you.

was a decent cartoon. just didnt seem as funny as the others for some reason. good try though. lol liked the fact that the goth topic was acknowledged.

Just a taking egg head

This movie made no sense and wasn't even funny. The only saving grace was the opening song. After that, things went downhill. If you want to see talking eggs, just want Terrance and Philip


dam i love weeble and bob

buts wots wiv all the goth bashin eh? ive never met a depressed goth in my life!
depressed emo kids...now them ive met

anyway...good stuff :-)

Never lets us down

Man this guy even blends in crap that actualy goin on in the world in his flashes. And the touch of overly emotional goth was a nice addition. keep up the great work.


Nice, weebl gettin' his song on! Love it. SOOOO getting a 5 on the voting scale! Keep it up. Hope to see a lot more weebl and bob, and I will buy some toys! :D All because of that opening song. OOOhhhh yeah.