Reviews for "weebl and bob - gothic"


why are they all about pie >.>
i want some so bad now i think i die a little each time i hear pie and i dont have any >.>

nice work. i love the voices, and making the end to the thing into a real song be cool


they remind me of the canadians from south park..


The advertisement was funny as hell too. xD

Don't Bee a Knobhead (8)

That parody was awesome. Also the goth club music made me Lol. It sounds like me first thing in the morning when I have to leave the house to catch a bus. Errrrrrgh.

Parody on Goths AND "She's a Goldigger"?

As the noobie newgrounders say, "ALL MEH 5 R BELONG TO THIS."

You should finish the Pie-knicker song. ^_^