Reviews for "weebl and bob - gothic"

Wicked Stuff

When I watched this cartoon, not only was I stoned off my face but I also had the munchies and I was eating a bloody huge sandwich. I nearly choked to death eating my grub whilst watching this cartoon! I laughed on a mouthful of my stoner sandwhich and nearly died of it! I love that crap music in the Goth Nightclub with the 'singer' moaning instead of singing. And the advertisement song too! And the intro song too! Weeble as Jamie Foxx is brilliant! This movie is brillant! I WANT PIE!


That was funny

yes of course they had to make it sooner or later

great thats pretty much all i can say about this


This is so great... poser goth weebl thingies... I need to watch more of this series. So great. You get 5 fives.

weebl & bob rox

great song!
stupid bob>:(
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