Reviews for "weebl and bob - gothic"


it was good.. but not as good as some of your others.

hehe Nice.

I love your work. It's awesome. Keep up the good stuff.


I LOVED the intro song especially.
And people bitch about your style...they're idiots. It's cool.
People just want to see the same old same old. Just well drawn stuff. It doesn't have to be detailed to the tee to be good.


I agree with that other guy, the reading is annoying. It would be way easier if the egg guys could just TALK. The graphics were really good, I'll give you that, but I found almost nothing funny about this and the style was on the suckier side.

Apparently spelling isn't your thing either,racist

Weebl & Bob are great.
Keep submitting stuff like this, it's great.
I like pie also too.