Reviews for "weebl and bob - gothic"

that's funny

he he

your the greatest

this flash is awesome great songs and the last bit was funny

mmm. Goth Boots!


From the "Gold Digger" parody beginning, to the Goth Club with dreary moaning background music, you've done your job lampooning things very well.

My two favorite lines are bob's new title, Lord of the dark....

... things

and the clunker boots exclamation I used for my titular summary.

I know too many girls who have huge boots like that for it not to be funny.

Keep up the good work being more funny than most people would understand!


not able to see anything even after I downloaded the new flash plug
gave it a ten any way because well it's weeble and bob man

keep it up!

i'm surprised it took so long to move here from weebl.jolt