Reviews for "weebl and bob - gothic"


It is a very good movie, I enjoyed watching it a lot, one of the best W&B movies ever submitted to NG. First of all, the graphics in this movie are pretty good, the charecters are well drawn like in all of your movies. I like the way you use the same graphics style in all of thy W&B submissions. Second of all, I also like the sound in this movie, the song in the beginning was awesome, so as the voices of Weebl and Bob, which are always funny for themselves. Third of all, I also like the great script, it is really hilerious and keeps the style of all the past Weebl & Bob movies. Overall great work on this one.


i love it, you all should really make a full song of the "she took my pie" song from the opening


lol goth music *moannn*


Haha silly goths

Pie licker

LOL,this is really funny.I love they vocies....