Reviews for "weebl and bob - gothic"

w00t Elephant Sexyness!

the first weebl and bob i ever sawed (surprisingly not 1st episode, pie

Dude !!!

anger is depression without emphusiasm
emo r just depressed persons, else its still goth so its not possible to have a non depressed goth, then he just has an identity crisis and thats just somethin completely different XD


hmmm, goth booths!
lol :P the guy beneath me is right, depression is most of the time not a goth thing. But more emo. (not saying all emo's are depressed).

but it was fun :P made me lol

Lol that was Great...

Goth is not a music style and Emo is not a depression cycle, both are just phases where people think about themselves too much and nobody else.

Other than my ranting, great job :D I <3 Weebl and Bob.

dude rerember that god isnt always about depresion

goth is a music style and these day's wen sombody is depresed hel go emo... but wel good job