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Reviews for "Sonic movie madness final"

Worthy of Hollywood

Its that damm good
But after seeing the alt ending I think that one would have been better for use.

Lol great ending

I thought it was a very well thought out ending....well maybe thats pushing it. Lots of cameos from imp and other things u made. also i love how u (technecly) killed the mime player :P

A great ending!

That had everything a good ending needed;
a twist in the plot,
it was funny,
good graphics,
good characters and great music.

Your cool!

Roger I think your the best Newgrounds have to offer you make great movie! But I'm new only 1 day as a member and I was wondering... How do you make a movie where you draw or just use sprites? Like I said your cool!

heh heh Kill Bill

All of your flashes are funny, funny, FUNNY! when i watched this, I was wondering if you have ever heard of Spyro the dragon and if so can you do a flash about him please?