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Reviews for "Stick Fighter (arcade)"

Are there any moves that counter each other? It looks functional and fun but I'd like to know if there is any balancing of moves in the game. As long as it has that, it IS as good as 90% of the fighting games I've seen on Newgrounds.

joshmorgan responds:

No, unfortunately, there are not any "counter" moves that inflict damage instead of taking damage, so the game is very "tit-for-tat" with player-1-attacks-then-player-2-kicks-then-player-1-etc...

But this is exactly the sort of constructive comment that I need to hear as I start making my new sequel game, 'Stick Fighter II Alpha.' I'll be sure to add counter moves in the SFII.

I've learned TONS about Flash programming and general game design since making 'Stick Fighter' way back in 2004, so SFII should be MUCH better.

Wow very nice

i dont know

this would be a better game if you put awesome music (this kind is boring)
and put a diffcultiy setting (the game is a little hard) try to update it and put more
speacals too.

Why is this rated so high?

its ok but it doesnt deserve this score and to be 16th on the "Best of all time" ,
i really dont understand there are much better games then this which deserve to be on there.
no offence to the creater
i hope it gets a more suitable score soon

joshmorgan responds:

Whoa, I didn't realize Stick Fighter had made it to 16th in the "Best of All Time"!

And sure, I'll totally admit that there are better games on Newgrounds (this was my first ever game from when I was first learning Flash afterall), but really, you rated it 1 out of 10 even though you said "its ok" ?

Haters gonna hate, I guess. Brace yourself, Josh, the Blams are coming...


How did this suddenly get such a phenomenally high score (4.43); this submission is over 5 years old.