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Reviews for "Stick Fighter (arcade)"

I don't care about violence.

I am 7.

I don't watch bad vids, games :P

But the things like A.V.A which contain no violence and NG says they do is pretty bad.

This game's a major boner! But nice try for your first game (I would invite everyone playing to look at THE DATE it was made!). 5 stars

I crouched and pressed hard kick a bunch and I won; game's a boring mashfest. Seems like there's got to be some sort of scam going on to get this game's rating as high as it is.

joshmorgan responds:

Whoa, you're right! I totally concede that this game is a "boring mashfest" where the fighters exchange blows tit-for-tat, but it was my first game and I was just learning how to program CPU AI. Clearly I should've made the AI keep his distance, crouch and throw fireballs to keep players from spamming the crouching strong kick.

And I assure you that there is no "scam" to this having a high rating. I've thought about it a lot since the reviewer before you also suspected something "fishy" (see below) and it occurred to me that maybe the inflated rating is due to people playing Stick Fighter after my first submission 'Self-Portrait' was featured at the top of the Front Page a few days after I submitted Stick Fighter. Maybe people were more willing to rate things higher when they saw something else I'd done on the Front Page.

Don't give people guff for their crappy reviews. Their crappy reviews are for this mediocrity on the front page. The music/audio is absolutely terrible, the graphics are test-quality at best, the gameplay isn't bad, but it's nothing innovative ya know, none of the abilities are particularly interesting and controls could have been better. For this to have reached the front page I suspect some fishy stuff is going on. If you want some constructive criticism instead of a bunch of hate, don't get your friends and whatever alternative accounts to shoot something worthless to the front page.

joshmorgan responds:

Thanks for the honest review. I only give snarky replies to "crappy reviews" (as you say) because the reviews themselves are crap, which is to say, not that reviews are negative, but rather, that the reviews are worthless and provide no real feedback. I'm merely criticizing their lack of actual criticism.

And so I welcome your constructive criticism, and I'd like to take this opportunity to respond.

"music/audio is absolutely terrible"
Agreed. The audio was a last minute after-thought to fulfill a requirement for the class project for which I made this game 8 years ago.

"graphics are test-quality at best"
Agreed. In fact, the art is actually my placeholder for what was eventually going to be "Duff Match: Hilary Duff vs DuffMan from the Simpsons", but this was my first ever game and only my 2nd Flash animation, so I ran out of time and never got a chance to replace the art before I had to turn it in for my grade.

"controls could have been better"
Agreed. As I have noted in the description, my main focus was for it to be a 2-player game on a shared keyboard, but it was tricky to find a functional layout for the two player controls because Windows has a glitch were certain keyboard combinations cancel each other out and I didn't want one player to be able to accidentally (or intentionally) mess up the other player by button mashing their own keys.

As for my game being "worthless to the front page", do you seriously think that I'm using friends or alt accounts to artificially "shoot" this to the front page? I submitted this almost 7 years ago. All my friends have long since grown bored of it. They've got kids and jobs and no time to waste helping me shamelessly promote an out-dated game. As for "alternative accounts" I am sure Newgrounds can easily use IP filters to stop such douchebaggery. I assure you that I have only one account, and it is this one, which I have have for almost almost 7 years. And in that time I have watched Stick Fighter creep up the ranking and it has surprisingly appeared on the Portal several times in the "Best of All Time" rankings ever so briefly, only to get blammed back down, as it undoubtedly shall this time.

My guess is that the "Best of All Time" rankings are in a constant cyclical state of "ebb-and-flow", where submissions on the Portal are voted on more frequently, and these votes (presumely bitter blams) in turn, push many entries off the Portal to be replaced by other submissions, like Stick Fighter, which are then voted down and replaced by still other decent-but-not-great submissions.

Do I think Stick Fighter deserves to be in the "Best of All Time" rankings? Of course NOT. It was my first game and a very flawed game at that. But do I think it deserves mean comments from trolls or people upset that they wasted a few moments on silly little Flash? Hell no. Have I wasted time responding to these reviews? Maybe, but meh, whatever...

Actually.... good job. The only problem is some issues with fireball.... and a bit too easy. Overall it was a good job though.