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Reviews for "Stick Fighter (arcade)"

stupid! not good edited,to hard and why cant the music becomes annoying after 2 minutes

P.S.---> there's no P.S.

I Cant Control That!


I would like the game alot more if it had a better computer player and more detail. A story of some type would be awesome because how did these two stick figures get into a battle in the first place??? I also think the computer shouldn't just decimate your face if you can't spam the crap out of his first. I think as the game gets updates it can become alot better. I suggest that you read reviews and implement features that are the best. Good luck with this game.

Right. Well, you tried! And that's what counts.
This game is less of a "Fighting game" and more of a "Let's see who can hit faster" situation.
If you hit first, there's a 45% chance you'll win. If the bot hits first (Which he usually does) there's a 0% chance he'll win. Which again "Let's see who can hit faster".
The controls (~, 1, 2, 3,) are very odd, and don't sit well on the keyboard, or with the game.
It's not a bad little game, it's been made well, and looks pretty. But that's all it has going for it.

joshmorgan responds:

Apologies for the tit-for-tat button-mashing game play. As I was developing the game, I kept making the enemy harder and harder until it beat me 50% of the time, but I forgot to consider that a first-time player wouldn't know everything that I knew as the programmer about how the AI would behave.

The controls are odd because I wanted 2 people to be able to play on the same keyboard, but it was tricky to find a functional layout for the two player controls because Windows had/has a glitch were certain keyboard combinations cancel each other out and I didn't want one player to be able to accidentally (or intentionally) mess up the other player by button mashing their own keys.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!