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Reviews for "Stick Fighter (arcade)"

good enough

Graphics 2: stick movies aren't good graphiced... it was good made for a stick movie though
Style 8: although the stick graphic's it was kinda stylish...
Sound 0:didn't have the sound on...
Violence 7: it's a fighting game! camman!
Interactivity 0: well... it's a fighting game! camman!
Humor 2: it is not the most funny game here!

Overall 7: yep a well deserved 7 .

Pretty good.

A medium challenging fighting game. It'll keep you entertained for a couple of minutes, if you want to learn that fireball move. And it was great that you decided to add a combo move, it makes the game fun for a longer period of time.

Okay, i'm no fan of stickmen, though you made them fight and it looked very nice. It took me a while to get this combo working, and i don't know how it is on american keyboards, but my ~ is quite far away from the numbers. But that's alright, i didn't need the weak punch to beat the game anyway.

Great music, it was a bit repetitive, but you didn't think about that. You just want to finish the game. The instructions was also very clear and easy to understand. It was made like in those olskool games i used to play. To bad it was such a boring, white backgrounds though. But at least that's easy to fix.

In all, a very nice game, with no glitches whatsoever, which i find impressive, judging by most games i see daily. A very nice one indeed.

~ Frost

Meh.. Could be better

It could be better if you give it a campain mode, arcade mode, and survival mode. Make more than just fireball. Dont tell us some of the combos. Make hidden combos that you only get if you beat the game. Also make dificulty modes... Also it needs work on the controls. a = Weak punch s = Strong punch z = Weak kick x = Strong kick... Something like that not exactly... or if you want its ok... I expect a better sequil... :D

Very cool!

I like the style. But you could use more background, and possibly some agonizing screams. Good job anyway.


That was fun. i found the controls hard to use tho.