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Reviews for "Stick Fighter (arcade)"

Pretty Good

This is overall good for your first Flash game. I would suggest more features, such as a difficulty selection (Player can choose AI to be easy or hard), more attacks, easier fireballs (Or remove it), story mode, challenge mode, and better backgrounds (Nice to see the two sticks actually fighting in a ring or bar rather than on lined paper). You can also try adding more audio rather than have the same old loop playing over and over everywhere. On top of that, very good job on this. I hope to see a sequel.

Good graphics (There's blood)
Has great potential
No lag
Easy single-player controls

Making fireball, although possible, is too hard
AI is too hard
Background (Try adding some detailed background and give the fight a feeling as though it were being held in a ring or a bar, or on the street)
Music is repetitive

Great job! Just a few more tweaks and the game will be much more enjoyable.

P.S. It is possible to beat the AI. Try crouching and using strong kicks. Rather than you charging at your opponent, let him come and kick him out. I actually beat him that way.


i like this and all but still put a block in there to and plus make the punching controls easier casue some of then really make me log off my computer.

This is awesome!!!

I really like it you should make more :D

Fireball Difficulty, Too Hard.

Fire ball is extreamely hard to use
Game is too hard (I know you said that, but i cant rate it high because of it.)


this is so boring I've got 3 reasons why this game stinks 1 the enemy is so hard u can't even win, 2 when I am doing the fireball move it does not work and 3 it's just a simple match no anything just 2 rounds so I tell this game really really really needs some improvements

joshmorgan responds:

Yes, I KNOW the enemy is hard.

Yes, I KNOW it's hard to throw a fireball, but it IS possible (try LEFT, then RIGHT, then PUNCH).

This was my first Flash game, so yes, I plan to improve it (someday).