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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (2/2)"

Even better than the first

With this movie, you confirmed that the first one wasn't a fluke. Excellent job. Again, decent artwork, great voices, and hilarious jokes. I particularly love the jokes in the background like the "clues" that the Emperor is the Sith lord.

"YOU'RE the Sith lord!"
"O rly?"


My only complaint this time around is that it seemed a great deal more rushed than the first. I'm not sure if "skipping" those "vitally important scenes was necessary. I'm sure there were a lot of opportunities for comedic gold there. Perhaps it would have been better dividing the movie up into three parts, so that you could address what you skipped.

Nevertheless, great work.


so funny!!!!!!! Yoda Rocks hes so cool! i love the bit where it turns into a computer game in the fight :D nice work. Staying on newgrounds for a while :D!


IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST!!! ALSO LOVED THE CREDITS!! But you will have a lot of people say your a @%$^ for making fun of a good movie... yea maybe if it was good lol that was like the onl star wars movie i laughed at was the real Ep3 my god it was funny lol but this one was better. SO I want you to make fun of more movies for the good of mankind.


You Deserved a full marks For this one! im seriously laughed till cannot breath.... ^^ Good Work!

LMAO, you f*ckin idiots...!

That was absolutely piss hilarious! Where and how do you find those ideas? The feature was funny as hell and when i got to the credits that simply killed it! I loved the Chicken dance and the Guitar bit that Darth played. lol...
graphics are crafty but since it's the way they're meant to be they're cool and they give the film that kind of "parody" feel. Well tweened and great humour! I wish there was more of Star Wars for you to make parodies of. I would've had a blast watching that!

Keep up the good work!