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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (2/2)"

good job

LMAO at matrix music durinc mace windu fight scene

You did it!

You took an absolutely lousey movie and turned it into a great parody flash.
Thanx for the laughs.

Star Wars meets Everyone's opinions

this is the single greatest flash parody movie ever, in combination with the first one, which wasn't as good, but the first half of the movie needed to be sorted out, so understandable that the last half had loads more content to make fun of than the first. Anakin even stated killing her would eliminate the entire plot of the movie, and in the credits, snacks, from refrigerator. Lovely touch with soul Caliber intro to battle between anakin and obiwan. there is so much more i would love to comment about you, but you probably have enough reviews to say how awesome you are.

I SEE FRONT PAGE IN YOUR FUTURE! (i loved the 8 ball too)

ani, ohhhhh.

awesome submission.
animation and audio was very well done.

Remember me?

Hmm, this flash was slightly better than part one, but not much I'm afraid. All gags are still a tad simplistic for my tast, although I would like to announce a "lol" to the scene in which Yoda makes an entrance.

Nice graphics and nice voice acting, but it's just not very good as a comedy from my point of view. Of course, it could be my European sense of humor that gets in the way.