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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (2/2)"

Once again!

liked I said.. f****** awesome!! great job!


I can see you guys are talented and should continue making flashs. Maybe it would be better if you spent more time on animation, character designs, and details. It was pretty funny, some of the humor ive seen before but this had its moments.


Best star wars fan-thingy

I found this film well done, and very humorous with your plott twist, and movie spoilers. The only thing I sugest that it says movie spoiler on the loading screen, other then that, I laugh my stomach and other bodly organs off.

Amazing work

I am astounded. I first saw it thinking it would be another n00by flash team making a shitty star wars parody. I was so wrong.
The writing is amazing and most of your jokes are very origional. The art/animation looked a bit shitty in areas (obi-wan for example) but some (like mace and palpatine) looked amazing. I think with more work and practice you guys can become very big. I added you on msn because I think its such an amazing film I would like to advertise it on my site. Good work guys this seriously made my day. (I also added a donation for your hard work :D )

pretty good spoof about em

well i new thar was somthign wrong with the plots :P starwares lol i havent seen the last 1 made 3rd movie right :D confusssing it is my young cricket son