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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (2/2)"

great job!

however, the fight scenes were pretty lame. i mean, obviously there were "fight" scenes that were meant as jokes, but the ones that actually had them fighting were just way to limited by your animation style.

other than that, i LOVE how you harped on the whole "OMG my will to live!" obsurdity, and the whole thing with anikin strangling padme. hilarious! you really nailed that movie! =)

Better than the first half, but...

...that was probably only because I liked the end of the real movie more as well.

Meh... guess I'm just sick of SWIII jokes. It's just so EASY.

i loove it!

i cant wait to see more. the style was so fun to look at. keep it up!

Even better than the original movie!

The animation was great, it was funny, and it was acted better than in Revenge of the Sith. Great job!

The only problem I found was that, no matter how you tried, your Anakin was nowhere near as annoying or grating as the movie one. But I don't think that it would be possible to get that bad.


That was hilarious. Keep up the good work.