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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (2/2)"

Funny Star Wars Stuff

This movie was extremly enjoyable and teh animation was brilliant I loved the scene with Golem "Ahh no my precious" that was really funny this was a great work of art and I hope to see just as good a movie in the future if not better funny as hell and very well done

Amazing movie!!!

This movie was amazing!! Your humor and graphics where priceless!! Please make more videos.

As good as first part

I am really satisfied, this movie was great. Nice, funny and so on ;-)
Good work!

This one was better.

So, the first one sucked. Let's get that strait. You have the ability to make a truly good parody, and you end up sticking in references and lines that shoot the thing full of holes.

This one, on the other hand, actually had funny parts. The magic 8 ball scene was quite good--an original and funny moment where you had the (no pun intended) balls to make this moment yours. Also, the Ani-oooo line from Obi Wan as he stumbles upon Anikan and choked Padme was really good; shows that you have a knack for trivializing a moment to the point of hilarity. I'll give you Anikan's plot line for free--a bit overzealous on your part, but true to the original movie and a thing that will piss off nerds for decades to come; here you make a valid point that makes making a parody useful. Yoda and Palpetine playing games instead of fighting was a good touch, though I could have done with a few more trivial games--say Clue or Uno--to take the point home.

Now, for the negative: I gave the first part a grace score of three because I didn't feel that it had any right garnering the scores it had previously (a goddammed ten, for chrissakes? That's obscene), and I hoped that the second part would make up for it. It did, in part, but I'm sticking to my guns on the three. Again with the derivative humor (Dragon Ball Z has never been worth the time any one's given it, and it has no place being referenced at all, let alone as poorly as most people do it--you gave it more light that it deserved, but used it to your advantage to make a point, I think). The free suit and iPod was good at first, but you killed the joke with that last scene. Padme's will to live was down-right obnoxious, and the fighting game set up for Anikan and Obi-wan was lame.

I do think that you have skills that are worth making these things, but I think that parodies have, and always will be, only been successful when left to people who do this shit for a living. Mel Brooks can do this fine. The guys who did 'Troops' can do it fine. Kids with a penchant for Flash should take their free time and use it for something good (no light-side/dark-side joke intended) and worthwhile. Make us a flash featuring your own characters and jokes that you didn't cop from classic films, turn us on to your own sense of humor, and let loose. I want to see you turn your talents toward the more intense side (those Epic Mario shorts are amazing, Brackenwood Tales is amazing {though, admittedly, not many people will be able to animate anywhere near Phillip's Disney-trained, character-based shorts}, and some of the zombie shorts are good), where you can be more free to be funny without the pretense of any prior film. Star Wars is a huge event and, without the humor to take it seriously (how's that for an oxymoron?), people will always fail at making fun of it. Don't get caught up in the trend of trivializing other work when you could be making your own.

Great flash abilities (especially considering the soup that you have to wade through on the internet), great sense of character, and great sense of recording. This does not make up for mediocre content.


I am giving the review of both parts saving time and money. This was funny a bit slow at first I dont like crude humor and thats what alot of the beginningt was, but then it got really funny and ya I can tell you worked really hard on this. and I like how you noticed also that in the movies they really do show very little of the fighting in the fight scenes, its alot of close ups on faces and some flashing light. Loved the Dragon Ball z refrence.