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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (2/2)"


This kicked sooooooo much a$$ the only reason im not giving you a 10 is because the scenes you skipped had some real comic potentoial. But dont stop that from making more Star Crap Episodes.

Very funny!

the jokes are very well done! :D

I laughed er... smiled my head off! :)

Catch ya later!

simply one word....



That was hilarous. You should defiently make more for each episode.

Less bashing, more praise......good stuff

Aaron_Brace sayz:

what have you got against star wars quit u asshole

-Aside from being the only reviewer this page to bash the flash because you obsessively fantasize about Star Wars.....I have no beef with you. Well, no beef other than the fact that you meshed two sentences togther.......with no punctuation whatsoever.

As for the flash, it is the epitome of funny parody stuffage. The whole Mace/Palpatine scene was hilarious, as was the whole free stuff part afterwards....and let us not forget the montage on Palpatine's wall, and the eventual discovery of anakin. :D

"I've lost my will to live"....."I've regained my will to live" Lol. Padme rocks.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
All my reviews belong to New Doomer's Forum. Lol, maybe they don't. I dunno.