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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (1/2)"


Very well done, I especially likes the Monty Python reference

is it just me, or master is allways sitting?

l0l... thats master thigy quite scrued it up alitle... but funny anuff for me not to give a zomdie's dead rotten ass about graphics! verry good!

Hilarious, just hilarious

Lol, this made me laugh so long! Same with part two!!! The animation isn't that top notch but that's what makes it funny, lol. Hope you do more flashes like this.........

Haha! Very funny!

OMG! That was awesome! Though I think that the fact that Obi-Wan looked like Mr. Potato Head kinda took away from it.
Graphics: A hell of a lot better than I can make, for sure!!!!!!!!!
Style: Good
Sound: I don't really pay atention to sound as much as humor
Violence: Ya, some droid violence, and Count Dooku violence was just funny! I really hate that guy.
Interactivity: You could have at least put in a pause button.
Humor: the one thing that matters: very funny! haha. It seems as though Padme didn't have a mind of her own and just complimented Anakin. Speaking of which, Anakin was just cool. I really liked the Monty Python reference. And the pilsburry hitman was really funny.
Overall, a good piece of work, and let me say to the people who really thought this was crap: U just don't know good flash if it shot you in the face. Good work!


im freej off da