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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (1/2)"


u should have started from eppisode 1

a great flash video

a great movie turned into a funny flash vid making you laugh the whole way the whole way though ***** five stars


Dude, this cartoon freakin' owns! I was dying on the floor laughing while watching this. The Monty Python reference was awesome. And actually, I rather like the style it was drawn with, simple and cute. Great job!

Oh, and that girly scream you had Anakin do when his ship was hit was priceless! XD

1 of the many thing i liked on newgrounds

its realy fun alright so there are a few scenes from monty so its funny thats what its al about lol

great but less Monty Python

the part where count dookus arms are off... well basically as soon as one arm is off about that whole sction its same thing happening and same dialogue as "Monty Python's: The Holy Grail" and i mean exact same dialogue and exact same even order they come off and how he does it. Just saying that so you avoid taking stuff in future. Otherwise it was great, also i'm just saying don't take stuff like that because Monty Python are great/very funny team.