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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (1/2)"

Im so happy

Im so happy some one did a movie like this lol Even tho i know your going to get a lot of hate mail and reviews. It had to be done. I mean this is like the movie its self NO POINT and that made it good lol

Great jokes

Especially the Monty Python ones. I'll watch part 2 and hope that it's just as funny

This is one of those films that never seemd to attract so many parodies as 'LotR' but you've done a great job here.

Yay, another Star Wars parody. :/

I even made one myself to my shame. Haven't we seen millions of these? But wait! This one is different... something sets it apart... what can it be? Oh yeah - it's funny! Yes, this parody is actually packed with jokey goodness. Let's say my one bad thing: if you want to keep using it, learn to spell 'retarded' with a d otherwise it looks retarted. Pedant's remark over. This was a very funny film, I loved Obi's big orange nose and the impression of his poncy Scottish-trying-to-be-posh accent was actually really good! I liked this! I liked it plenty! I shall be watching the second half! Well done! GOOD FLASH! HURRAH! All power to you my friend - your film is cool!

That was good!

I like this! I wait for part 2!