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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (1/2)"

There are better...

It's not the best flash ever. A lot of the stuff is unoriginal, or just follows the movie exactly. But yeah, besides all of that, it still is pretty good.


I actually found this movie too damn boring to even crawl to the next half of it. The only positive thing that isn't crap about it is that it indeed is Star Wars (even if it is a rip-off). The reason it is bad is because it's voice acting is some of the worst i've ever heard in my entire life. The "Monthy Python and the Holy Grail" rip off was pure crap because of bad animation and voice acting.

The only thing I can complain about in the animation is that the quality is bad, really bad. Positive about it is that it runs smoothly. The jokes might actually have been funny if you didn't have a stuck up brown haired Link (from Zelda) rip off Anakin Skywalker that is apparently voiced by someone who swallowed a gallon of helium and is as commited to the voice acting as a 30 year old man would be into playing games with Winnieh the Pooh.

What you can do better is actually to ensure that the people who voice act actually can do it with "vividness" because they sure as hell don't have vividness. Also, better animations, I probably speak for all people when I say that star fighters are NOT 2 dimensional, and neither are droids!

My other tip to you is that you should also create something own, come up with ideas of something you can create yourself without making a parody of a movie, i've watched other animations that you've done and found them enjoyable, but not this. You are a great animator though, and I hope you continue your work.


It seriously made my night ^^ - Off to watch part 2!




omg! this movie is funnier than a fat kid falling down the stairs!