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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (1/2)"

Preety funny

It gave me a chuckle and was not bad. It was like the stupid version of star wars which I kinda liked as star wars is to dam serious and theres never any humor which makes star wars lam in that way. Overall I liked it reguardless to all the teens giving this a zero for moron reasons. My rating should just crush about 10 of there votes out of existance for you lol. Good luck in the future.

ok. in the middle.

funy on parts and stupid on others. this is just a mediocre flash. the monty python refrence was really not that good. sure it was funny. but the voices, childesh humor (like afro grieves) and just okay graphics really hurt this one.


funny as hell man, and nice Monty Python reference!


funny as krap


The squeaky voices kinda ruined it for me. There were funny parts in it then there were some that I couldnt even think of being slightly humorous.

By the way you realize that you might think the new star wars movies suck because your no longer 10 years old??? I mean 10 year olds think that pokemon are awesome doesnt that tell you something?