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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (1/2)"

Good job

Good job, but how could they miss all those signs saying there was a ray sheild ahead?? Dont they know how to read?? anyhow, i want to see more of this.


I'm a SW fanatic and I still found this flash to be perrfect! I loved the Monty Python bit... it was like Master Card, priceless. One point I found curious, they were on a cruiser, not a Trade Federation Battleship... other than that, this was awesome! All my 5 R belong 2 this!


hilarious!!!!!! o' squeaky toad will u ever seace to amaze?!

was good

till anakin went through his little rant on ep 1 which killed watching this for me. if your gana have him say something dont have him rant for 5 minutes.


i love this one plz make more, i like the second one better tho

Lman 3000