Reviews for "My first game..."

I loathe Javascript

thas was slow man and that didn't even blow after shootin 100Xs


I'm a fan of flash games, so it's always nice to see something like this on the portal. Now some comments:

In most mech type games the turret turns with you, and the turret needs to on this too. Makes aiming easier.

Okay, a comment. Couldn't think of much. Keep up the good work

Good actionscripting!!

GoAndFuck(not this movie)

Very cool, but you need one thing...

There is only one thing you need. When the enemy dies, there is code that will make it delete itself, freeing up the space. This way they'll actually go away... I'd tell you the code right now, but I can't quite remember, and if I gave you the wrong code it would be stupid of me, so I hope you make some more of this. It has promise. =)

will make a great game

The basic system is great, simple yet fun, a full game with 2 or 3 missions would be great.