Reviews for "My first game..."

Didn't have a point

Didn't understand what the real point of that was. Clearly you have to try and shoot the things, but there's no way to lose and it just doesn't seem to work. It's not fun and has little point to it, no objective. Poor stuff.

gltovar responds:

of course not! its my first game = P of course i could have submitted hello world...


Aaaah! Evil game. Not fun. No way to lose.



I thought this was pretty fun by itself! You make this into something full it'll be great!
As a fellow game maker I know how hard it is to make games.
Maybe you'll appreciate this ;)
http://www.newgrounds.com/ portal/view.php?id=51020

Not bad

Not bad at all.
You can well make a real game out of it.
Some minor problems:
Try to make the ships move around instead of driving into the scene.
Make a HitTest to each ship to see if it's colliding with the player, and substract from players' health. You can achieve this by creating a movieclip inside the player model that will play a Boom animation and then do the calculations for subtracting health:
onClipEvent(load){ \\This is on the final frame of boom animation. It must be on a MovieClip.
_root.health-=15; \\Subtracts 15 from the health variable that is on the main stage
if (_root.health<=0){
_root.goto AndPlay("dead");
Hope this helps.
Hey, I see you got another game there! I'll go see it now, maybe you don't need my help!


Not bad...