Reviews for "My first game..."

This sucked so much!

I know its your first game and all but you can do better! THIS SUCKED!!! Also when i was playing the game, when I shot a missle at one of the little ship, it when over top of it and the gay little piece of crap didn't blow up! I mean like ARRGHHHHHH!!! You wasted 10 seconds of my life!


whats the point of the fucken game damit


Sorry I voted 0 on the sound, but my sound doesn't work... Anyway, I liked the game and I would like to see more of this. Just a thought: You should be able to move the turret left! (this is not important, but it would be nice if you could make that.) I cannot make these kind of games because I don't have the actionscripts, I would be very happy and give you alot of credit if you could make like a tutorial or something like that.

Not much point.

Though this was a relatively fun game, I simply didn't understand what the real point of the game was.
Clearly you have to try and shoot the things (thats a given), but there's no way to lose and it just doesn't seem to work, or if that's all it's supposed to be which I hope it isnt.
It's not fun and has little point to it, no objective.
Good for a first though.

good concept

i really like the seprately moving turret, but the robot moves too quickly at the moment and theres a bug where u can only kill the ships by shooting a tiny part of them, hope ive helped a bit

gltovar responds:

yep, i will be rereleasing is soon... as part of outpost dedlaw