Reviews for "Exotec - Crystal Skies"

Listened to the first 2 minutes then downloaded

I'll listen to the rest later, I know i'm going to like it


Exotec responds:

haha, thank you! i hope you enjoy the rest as well :)


ur music really is epic how could any1 hate this or badly rate this??!!!!!

Exotec responds:

thank you :) and there will always be zero bombers out there i guess :P


I haven't heard good new electronica in so long... been listening to the same stuff for soe long. This is both an amazing song, and very refreshing personally. Reminds kinda of Basshunter imo... some of his mid-earlier stuff, at least.

Anyways, great job, nice song, love the bass!

Great song

Going to download it and put it on my ipod,couse it AWESOME

Exotec responds:

haha nice! thank you :)

Thanks for the reference!

Amazing, you have blown me away yet again. I can thank you enough for the reference to this song. Simply Amazing!!!