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Reviews for "How to draw 3: Birds"

great tutorial man!

i had ONE and ONLY one problem....and that was the womans voice when it started:P but apart from that excellent!i gave you a 5 and good luck with your future endevours!^_^

--Wicked Biscuits

Aprime responds:

add me!

lol, stupid woman, well computer, lol
vote 5 every day :)
try to add all my work to collections please

thanks for viewing and reviewing


good 'how to' tutorial

you did a good job on this. the drawings were very good. keep up the good work.

Aprime responds:

Thanks, I will I will, and submit all my work to collections please :)

Thanks for reviewing and viewing

Birds huh?

Ok, that was extremely good, if you want advice then I would say, maybe add colour to the sketch pad. I really liked the music, I love your other work too! Hmmm.. it is also possible, but difficult, to maybe switch between your draw flashes by loading externally your flashes into the same flash window. Its an idea.

OI have given you high marks here, and this dose deserve them! Well done and thanks!

Aprime responds:

ok, thanks, check out my other work, and advertise this cos i barly got any visitors, lol, ty :)


Not Your Biggest Fan, But I Review A Lot

The song I wasn't so fond of. This flash was cool how it showed your other work. When I seen noob crap, I started laughing hard. I remember reviewing that such a long time ago. The drawing pad was a great thing to add. Instead of me having to find a pencil or something, I just use that. Great overall.

Aprime responds:

Ok, lol, but whats is ur email!
add me the_pizza_dude_@hotmail.com
Thanks for the tips n stuff!



Aprime responds:

Like your self, lol, jkin, thanks

thanks for reviewing and viewing