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Reviews for "How to draw 3: Birds"


cool birds! i love birds now i know "how to draw birds" lol perfect tutoial :)
btw:told ya ...

Aprime responds:

loooool haha.. thanks for the review!! :)


Another perfect tutorial. Lots of interesting features in this, and even I, an experienced flash user, can learn a lot from this, heh. The instructions are easy to follow and the subject is a good one too. Keep it up!


Aprime responds:


add this to favs :D


This was a cvery good idea, and i like the "AUDIO" aswell as the the dropdown menu, very impressed with that, you should add more birds to this this though, like all sorts and make it one hell of a tutorial, anyways nice tut...

Add more birds to this...

A great idea for a tutorial and a well presented one...


Aprime responds:

thanks for the review

Add me to favs,


this is ok i like it

Aprime responds:

I got a realy good score if its only ok, add me to favs


Birds everywhere

First I liek the fact you can turn the music on and off as you want. I do like the music choice not too distractign from the flash.
Ok next You give some good instructions for each set sitting, swimmign and flying.
They are easy to follow for anyone at any level. Which is always helpful to everyone.
My birds didn't turn out as nicly as yours did. Drawing not my best feature for doing this type of work.
I always done better at other features.
This was helpful to me though.

Aprime responds:

yup, thanks for the review, btw its like not liek, i think that might have been a mis type thoe, even thoe it was in both of your reviews, lol, thanks for the reviews thoe, :), email me, cos im bored lol :)