Reviews for "Clownin Around"


That was a very creative flash, a clownin moment indeed and the dual ending to a funny demise, charming. Well to review there isnt much you can do in my book but continue on the road of creative flash movies like the present. Its nice and different but adds a spark that makes a smile to those who view it. Thanks for your submission.

nice endings

i like the "good ending" ;)


LMAO i hate clowns thanks for killing clowns :)
u kno that icon look like a clown on a jackhammer

good one

that was pretty cool.... highly entertaining. im no fan of clowns, but this one was pretty funny, good action and it was a major blast to watch. glad to see this one win an award and you say that you may make a series based on this one..... i support that idea.

not bad

this was a pretty good flash,especially for only your second submission, nice job and im looking forward to the series :)