Reviews for "Clownin Around"

More of this please!

This was ace, it would be amazing if you made a series of clowin around! I hope to see more soon (please)!

yes please

make a series. it would do very good. this was hilarious at every turn. you made one of the best flashes here. it would easily pass judgment. so please make more. and both the endings are really good too.

pretty sweet

yes please do make a series out of this!it is amazing!very funny too!5/5!good luck in the portal!;D

--Wicked Biscuits


That was a very creative flash, a clownin moment indeed and the dual ending to a funny demise, charming. Well to review there isnt much you can do in my book but continue on the road of creative flash movies like the present. Its nice and different but adds a spark that makes a smile to those who view it. Thanks for your submission.

My first serious 7 x 10!

AWESOME! Just awesome. I love this movie PLEASE make some more. The bad ending rocks but the good ending is good as well...god the violence was awesome in the bad ending! Interactivity 10 because you could decide wether he should die or not...in the end he dies anyway ;D...man GREAT WORK!...Maybe you could help me with flash a bit? My msn @ddy andric7@ hotmail . com

Marcomatic responds:

Hey nikola, thanks for voting, you say you need a bit of help on flash? I can help if u need it? If your also interested, im preparing a colab with 2 other animators, if u wanna help , join in