Reviews for "Clownin Around"

I cant say i expected that! Way to go!

Very good job on only your second submission to NG, it appears you got quite a career coming along! This was one of those submissions that just put you into a great mood after its over, and then you want to see how the series continues. I think if it continues like this, it could be a very good and memorable series, and even more so if you improve on everything even further. Its good to see more creative authors submitting to NG! Here is my review.

The graphics were great for sure, i was actually close to giving them a 9. The drawing of the clown was awesome, really funny looking in a good way. The detail was much more than sufficient on that drawing as well. The colours were pretty good too. The animation is where i found you could have improved the most. For the most part it was good, andv during that violent seen you did a good job of making it gruesome. Its just i didnt like when the clown was flew in the air moving slowly, i dont know why it just didnt do it for me. The style was awesome, cool animating style! The idea was surprisingly creative, a bit pointles, amusing nonetheless. The presentation was good as well, the length was good enough and he choice for alternate endings just made it that much more fun to watch. The sound was awesome too, i really enjoyed it in this movie. All the sounds and screams were just used so well, and were nicely in sync. They often added a bit more humour to some of the funnier parts.

Overall this was an awesome movie, especially for only a second submitted flash to NG, i bet some people already have you down as one of their favourite authors. I hope you can keep improving your skills up to the point where you are one of the best. I also have high hopes for this series, if you make it!
~Two Thumbs Way Up! 4/5


Sweet idea, it would be a cool series to see.

wak here

pretty nice flash, awesome bad ending XD


You should be a pro Animator... that's just perfect... you got a really huge potential... Keep up the good works


Good animation.