Reviews for "Happy World 2"


Make a happy world game!


that doesn't sound very happy.......... <('-')> he dancys

not bad

i kinda liked it, i know you did not make it to copy madness but the truth is that this series will not survive with the madness competition. Try somehting fresh and new

yep - guarnteed...

Guaranteed Protection Point!! w00t!

Hmm - those guns didnt have silencers - yet you clearly used the report of a silenced weapon in your film - probably because you thought it sounded cool. Try to make them as realistic as possible - even though you are basically making a cartoon - hearing a silenced report from an obviously un-silenced gun is distracting

HyperDoom responds:

you read me like a book

it is good

but it is to short and to much like the first but it is still a good movie