Reviews for "Happy World 2"


Make a happy world game!


Graphics - Not the best and highest quality but it makes the cut

Style - A very original name doesn't make its style orginal

Sound - You had some good sound but it got repetative

Violence - Yeah... it's violent

Interactivity - None

Humor - Meh.

I don't think you need to improve anything that has to do with the guns. Also the deaths are pretty good.

You do have to improve on the graphics, style, and the character movements.

Thank you,

Good job

Though I'm not a fan of bouncy ball massacres, and the end was too short, I can see a good series well under way here.

yep - guarnteed...

Guaranteed Protection Point!! w00t!

Hmm - those guns didnt have silencers - yet you clearly used the report of a silenced weapon in your film - probably because you thought it sounded cool. Try to make them as realistic as possible - even though you are basically making a cartoon - hearing a silenced report from an obviously un-silenced gun is distracting

HyperDoom responds:

you read me like a book

1 simple rule...

If there is a 2nd part of something the chance to get a protection point is 99,99999999%.....

HyperDoom responds:

I have no clue of what you just said...