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Reviews for "The Unforgiven Room"

it mad me laugh in a bad way

it made me laugh as it was sooo fustratin the controls were inm possible the remote was annoying as it liek the screen to much the severed foot was just liek uhh omg groooooos *rolls eyes* nice try ok but i think theres some bugs.....and o ea try and get tht mouse sorted it went of the moniter lol :P

Nice, but buggy.

While this game does give the impression of being heavily inspired by The Crimson Room et al., it has a unique charm. There are quite a few kinks that need to be worked out before this game is ready for submission however.

Amongst other oddities:
- You can close the menu by clicking the red button, even though it isn't open.
- You can open the menu even when it's already open.
- The remote control becomes stuck on the screen, and doesn't want to go back in the inventory.
- By holding the mouse down over the bottom of the garbage can, and moving up, one can force the can to stay open.
- For no apparent reason, a severed foot appeared at the base of the can while expirementing with the above.
- When trying to take the remote control out of the garbage can, it claimed I had, but it did not appear in my inventory until I tried a second time.

I gave up when the remote control 'froze'. It's pretty clear though that this game isn't quite ready for distribution just yet. There are some serious, game altering errors, along with several minor annoyances.

I'd look forward to giving it another shot once it's been cleaned up a bit. Keep up the good work, it has potential.

not bad

i can tell this was inspired by the crimson room, viridian room and blue chamber :p


why mouse is flying around makink cursor fly out from monitor ??????


ok i gave it a four earlier becasue i thought it was just complicated but there is no ending i couldnt find what to do...