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Reviews for "The Unforgiven Room"

a little help

i need some help guys, do i need to do something with the mixer, hes working but thats all, and the acces card?
i m stuck and i wanna go on, i have a lighter, toxic barrel, remote controller, a note and thats it, what do i have to do, can i do something with the hi fi equipement?

i hope somebody can help me out

thanx anyway

Loved it!!!

Really enjoyed playing this game, inspired by the crimson room no doubt, with its own quirky style!!! Simple to play once you know whats going on, just click round and piece everything together until you get the key to get out. Graphics were good with their own unique style. Few glitches but nothing which couldn't be sorted out i guess. look forward to seeing more of your work.

needs more work

Umm so like i have no clue whats going on here...

There are a lot of things that need work just minor oddities

The mouse on the desk can move anywhere in that screen instead of just being limited to the computer screen and i have no clue where to put the CD i click on everything and nothing happens.

This is a crimson room rip off...

but yeah...
its good

just i have no clue whats going on or what to do.


good graphic and nice gameplay,didnt really get the point but i only play it 2 minutes,but seen pretty good in my opinion...

its not that bad

keep it up