Reviews for "Space Jerks : Episode 8"


fucking awesome. keep them coming so I have more to laugh at. don't change a fucking thing.

space heros

like Zathura!

Oh thank you Jayboy

You are the first person to make a movie I saw on the portal that didnt SUCK.

This was awesome.

Cool, still.

Your target for next time: make facial expressions, and keep all the episodes this legnth. Other than that, these are nearly faultless, and graphic improvements are the only way you can get any better.

The best episode so far.

Really good job. I am pleased to say this is definitely the best episode yet, for a number of reasons. This series has done well in remaining true to its name since the second episode, and i hope it continues this way up until the very last episode. This particular episode improved on many of the things that i suggested in my reviews, such as the visuals, humour and length. Here is my review.

The graphics arent quite at an 8 yet, but in this one they seemed to be getting closer. Everything was just slightly improved, the detail was more evident, the colours seemed smoother, the effects like shadows were done, and the animation was better overall. Keep working on those visuals! The style of this episode was approaching a 9/10. The animating style is good as it always has been. The idea of this one, seemed like more of a side story for the most part, but i liked it. I think its a good idea to add another member into the group, it could potentially add a lot more humour in some situations. The length was also pretty satisfying in this one, nice work on that. The sound was great, good sound effects and great voice acting, it was a bit corny for the new character, but effective nonetheless.

Overall this was a great movie, surely the funniest one in the series so far. I really wonder how this series will end up. Im eagerly waiting your next movie, dont take too long, and keep up the great work!
~Two Thumbs Up! 4/5