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Reviews for "Breadfruit Chronicles I"


Great work, it was quite surreal seeing a clock film without the speakonia voices. My favourite part was with GameQ

Great graphics and the sound synced well

Keep up the good work



It was ok, didnt really like it. Some of the sounds were scratchy. I liked the british accents thou lol

TruffleClock responds:

Graphics: 2
Flash by Lawlercaust:
- none -

Fuck you.


Great work right here, ol' chap.

TruffleClock responds:

hehehehehehe thanks

ps - bug.//.,.,,.,bu g

Great work will always be rewarded......

Case in point:

"You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!"

No need to thank me. Just keep up the good work and everything will be cool.

Quite humorous

needs more Pomegranate however

TruffleClock responds:

I just put in people who I had already made, I actaully tried to make a pomegranate before, but it didn't look good