Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"


I loved it!!!

Tu merites mes 5 points

C'etait vraiment bon. Le premier et le second extraits sont vraiment excellent, belle animation, beau graphiques, tout y est. J'ai bien hate de voir tes prochains films. J'pense que pour passer le temps, j'vais aller voir les autres que t'as envoyé.

very nice

it was very good.
the animation was nice and the humor was funny

I liked the third one where his dad finds out what he did to his own car.

to insert_pie (and the animator)

first off don't take notice of insert pie he hasn't given anything over a 3 in the first 3 pages of his reviews i read, they're all abusive. Those were great shorts not that funny but excelent fluidity

i like it

my favorite part was the beginning of where is my mind because i always thought the beginning was annoying until now I think its hillarious.